A new way to get bread!

After a couple of months in the works, we are thrilled to launch our new wood-fired oven subscription service! You tell us what you want us to bake for you every week, and we will deliver to a location near you in Nelson County, Charlottesville, and Lexington. We initially conceived of this service as a “Community Supported Bakery” share similar to Pannier Bread Company‘s share (Heather’s first bread-by-bike business), but wanted more flexibility. We think this oven subscription retains the philosophy of a CSB while offering you the ability to fully customize your subscription.

When we fire the oven, we want to make sure the heat produced by the wood we burn is put to good use baking bread and pastries for our community. By subscribing to a weekly bake, you support us by making it worth it to us to fire, because we know that many people are going to benefit every time we bake. You also help us predict our flour orders. Our most important flours are shipped directly from small mills, and we often need to know four weeks in advance what we will need.

In return for your commitment, we will give you 10% off of the retail price of our products!  You can either “set it and forget it”, or you can customize your subscription. If you know you always want the same loaf of bread every week, you can set up your subscription once, and guarantee yourself that bread for the coming weeks while never having to lift a finger again. If you prefer to switch it up, you can access your account and change types and quantities. Another improvement on the CSB is that you can also place your subscription on hold if you go on vacation.

Ready to get started?  Go to our store!

We look forward to baking for you!


8 thoughts on “A new way to get bread!

  1. ssbluridge

    is that just one chocolate croissant per $4.00? Might not be able to commit to every week. Can I put in an order just for the occasional?

    1. junipinyon Post author

      Hi Sheila,

      Thanks for writing! You may of course put in one-time orders anytime you have a craving. But perhaps you would be interested in our subscription option that allows delivery every two weeks–choosing this has the added bonus of giving you 10% off of the purchase price.

      See you soon!

  2. blachmanembarqmailcom

    I’m an ancient dinosaur trying to follow directions. Ben told me last Wednesday how easy it would be, but I can’t seem to find the options for either bread type or frequency of delivery. Could someone walk me through this, maybe tomorrow afternoon (Monday, 11/28)?
    Thanks, Barbara

      1. blachmanembarqmailcom

        Heather, Thanks so much. I’m not here this morning, but I wanted to set up a subscriiption for every other week, starting not on Nov. 30th but the following Wednesday, Dec. 7. Is that possible? Barbara

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