Subscribe and save 50% off of your first order!

We want to keep our oven hot this winter and keep you in the wood-fired baked goods you know and love. But we need your help! Create a new subscription by December 10 and use the discount code SIGNUPDRIVE50 to receive 50% off of your first order! That’s on top of the 10% discount you get just for subscribing.

How to sign up
To get started, go to our online store. When you select a product, say, chocolate croissants, you will see a few choices, shown above. If you choose “one-time purchase” you generate a single order for the next delivery date at full price. The discount code doesn’t apply. If you choose “Subscribe and Save”, you get 10% off of the retail price of the croissant, and the discount code applies to your first order. You may opt to get your croissant every week or every other week.

Continue adding products to your cart, choosing whether you want them just once, every week, or every other week. (Yes, they can all go in the same cart.) Then, at checkout, select your delivery day and location (see options below) and put in your credit card information (or select our invoice option). You will also be prompted to create an account. We require an account because this allows you to manage your subscription.

Managing your subscription

Once you have your subscription, there are several changes that you can make. You may place vacation holds, swap out products, add or remove products from your subscription, or change quantities. To help you navigate these options, we have created this step-by-step guide. If you have additional questions, please see our FAQ, or reply to this email.

That’s it! We look forward to baking for you!

Click on this interactive map to view our pickup days and locations.



2 thoughts on “Subscribe and save 50% off of your first order!

  1. Nancy Maxson

    Hi Heather,

    I’m glad we could get together Friday for a quick Hello at the bakery. I’m glad to meet your mother and wish her all good luck in finding just the right lightweight mobile home for their travels. Katye’s flights all went without a hitch and she’s hit the ground running, back in Portland now…kids, chickens, job, house, husband,…the ‘full catastrophe’ as Zorba called it. Makes me a little tired just to imagine it. And to remember that that was my life once, too, if not quite so ‘outspoken’, shall we say?

    My computer is having a little trouble opening your latest post, below, but it might just be my high speed connection. I’ll try tomorrow and will get on your subscription list.

    Ready or not, here comes December — here’s to all the good that can mean,



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