Be our next wood-fired artisan baker!


Our motivation Our passion for regional grain motivated us to help found the Common Grain Alliance, a new non-profit that seeks to revitalize the grain economy in the Mid-Atlantic. This year we are focusing on developing products that allow us to use even more regionally grown and milled grain, including a new line of crackers, granola, and cookies. Wheat can be grown sustainably only in combination with other crops like buckwheat, millet, and rye. Thus, our research and development stance is to focus on finding products that make good use of what is available, drawing heavily on old world bread styles as well as current innovations. We don’t mill in-house; instead, we use our purchasing power to support our regional millers. 


The job Full-time starting in March or April. Paid hourly (W2) starting at $10/hr. We pay monthly.

Skills desired You are, or aspire to be, a professional baker who wants to use your skills to effect change in your community. You love making and sharing good food, you are excited to learn about our farm+bakery business model, and you have at least one year one year commercial experience making bread or cooking. You want to develop your skills to include managing a wood-fired oven, making our full line of products from start to finish, and adjusting formulas to accommodate variability in weather and ingredients. You have cooking skills that will allow you to make good use of the vegetables that we grow. At one farmers’ market per week, you will present the week's produce and baked goods with pride, promote our brand through genuine interactions with customers, and be able perform mental arithmetic in a fast-paced and exciting environment.

You are a self-starter who can also perform routine tasks. You are organized and consistently attentive to cleanliness and food safety. You are able to work quickly and efficiently while attending to detail, and you are able to problem-solve on the fly. You are punctual, able to safely lift fifty pounds, and able to meet deadlines. You have a clean driving record, and can drive a large van on mountain roads. You enjoy interacting with customers, work well with others, but are also content to work alone. You derive satisfaction from a job well done.

This year we will continue our transition from doing all the work ourselves to setting up our production schedule so that our employees feel empowered to make decisions and work independently. You will be a particularly strong candidate if you have the ability to help us by identifying opportunities for improvement and working with us to develop constructive solutions.

Duties You will be responsible for the daily production of our bakery. This includes mixing, shaping, and baking bread and pastries, dishwashing, oven and firewood management, ingredient inventory and restocking, fulfilling and packaging wholesale orders, and keeping your workspace clean and organized. On prep days, you will prepare sweet and savory ingredients using the produce from our farm and others in our community for later use on bake days. Effective time management is key. You will also be expected to represent our community farm-bakery at one farmers’ market. We will assist you with production on the busier days, but you can expect to work alone more than half the time. You may be asked to help train and supervise part-time employees. We currently fire the oven and bake twice weekly on a regular daytime schedule; there are no night shifts. Occasionally, you may be asked to help with post-harvest processing like pickling, jamming and drying; special events like our monthly pizza nights and workshops; and deliveries.

Duration and Hours You will start work in March or April 2019. You must be available to continue working through December 2019 with the possibility of continuing through the winter. Your normal working hours will not exceed 50 hours per week and will generally be during daytime hours; peak periods may see 60 hour weeks but we strive to keep those to a minimum. You may choose Sunday or Wednesday as your day off. This is a seasonal job that could transition to a permanent position for the right person.

Housing We have housing available for minimal rent.

Additional compensation: You will have unlimited free access to unsold farm produce, including eggs, bread and pastries.

You will receive training in marketable skills, including but not limited to:

-managing a large wood-fired oven

-making pastries and naturally-leavened bread on a commercial scale

-hand-laminating croissants and other doughs

-adjusting recipes to account for weather and ingredient variation

-working with rye, spelt, and other non-wheat grains

-handling food safely

-adjusting formulas for variability in grain and weather

-selling farm and bakery products at a busy farmer's market

-successfully growing a small local food business

As part of Little Hat Creek Farm, you will be connected to a growing network of like-minded farms and grain professionals in the Mid-Atlantic who are working towards a thriving regional foodshed. We make a point of sharing the details of our farming, baking, and business practices, so we encourage you to ask about starting and running a business like ours.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Ben + Heather