Community Farm-Bakery Share FAQ

What is it? Our Community Farm-Bakery Share is what we call our Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) program. The CSA is a business model for small farms in which members of the community (that's you!) invest in the farm and its crops in exchange for a share of that produce. This win-win arrangement provides us with crucial income early in the season when we need it the most, and it provides you with easy access to plenty of high-quality produce.

Our CSA delivery day is Wednesday. In 2019, the CSA will run for 19 weeks from June 5 to October 9. Your pre-packed shares will be available for pickup at one of four locations:

  • Our farm in Nelson County
  • Starr Hill neighborhood, Charlottesville
  • Blue Phoenix Cafe, Lexington
  • Blue Ridge Bucha Taproom, Waynesboro

A Little Hat Creek Farm CSA share will cost $595 (tax included) if we deliver it, or $540 if you can pick it up on the farm.  A non-refundable $200 deposit is due at sign-up to secure your share, and the full balance is due March 1, 2019.  If you need to arrange a flexible payment schedule, let us know and we will be happy to work with you.

Why join our community? So many reasons! When you buy a share in our farm-bakery, your food dollars stay in your community, which helps build local economic resilience in times of change. You also establish a conscious relationship to your food, to the land, and to us, the folks who produce your food. You learn a little about how your food was produced, and how to prepare it, through our exclusive members-only newsletter.

And you reserve for yourself and your family a weekly delivery of fresh, nutritious bread and vegetables. As a member of our community, you are investing in our livelihood and stewardship practices, and sharing in the risks and rewards of farming.

What can I expect as a member?  We carefully track the market value of each box to make sure that the value of your box averages at least $30 per week. We aim to give you the equivalent of at least one free box over the course of the season. Every box will contain:

  • Ecologically-raised vegetables and fruit picked fresh just for our CSA
  • One loaf of naturally leavened bread from our wood-fired oven
  • New: 2 hand-laminated croissants or puff-pastry tarts (optional add-on) 

Vegetables: The content and size of your box will reflect the rhythm of that year's growing season. In the beginning, spring's cooler weather means mostly greens; at the season's peak in August, your box will contain more fruits like tomatoes and summer squash. Amounts will reflect our abundance to some degree, but we aim for 6-7 items per box, and will never offload an unmanageable quantity on you. 

Bread: The bread in your box will also vary weekly.  You will receive favorites from our market stand, like our best-selling multigrain sourdough, as well as other unique breads, like blue corn walnut.  At times we will be inspired by the season, as with garlic scape sourdough, while other times we will draw inspiration from a new flour, grain, or method.  

Pastry: We are delighted to offer hand-laminated sweet and savory pastry to our community members this year. Every week you will get two croissants or two puff pastry tarts filled with seasonal produce from our farm, or more traditional fillings (who can resist a chocolate croissant?).  We use only grass-fed butter and organic flour in our pastries. You can taste the difference for yourself, for only $144 (that’s a $152 value). PLEASE NOTE: The pastry add-on is coming soon to this shop and will be available separately.

Newsletter: In addition, every week we will keep in touch with a members-only newsletter that describes what is in your share and gives you suggestions for how to use more unfamiliar items. We send this email the morning of your pickup, as a reminder. Periodically, your newsletter will also contain farm news, photos, and recipes.

Less plastic: We have committed to using less plastic in our shares. We pack your shares in reusable cotton bags, and ask that you bring them with you every week to your pickup location. 

I’d like to participate, but I can’t afford the cost. If you find yourself wanting to eat fresh local food, but find it too expensive for your budget, we have another option this year. Thanks to generous contributions to our farm, we are now have a limited number of Pay-What-You-Can shares. You may pay any amount that suits your budget; we won’t ask questions.  Please keep in mind that the more money you are able to contribute towards your share, the more people like you we will be able to help. Before you sign up, please send us an email with the amount that you would like to pay.  Once we make sure we have the funds to support you, we will send you a link to sign up for our CSA.

How do I contribute to our Pay-What-You-Can shares? Hooray! Our PWYC shares are funded entirely through member contributions, so thank you! We don't have the ability right now to collect contributions through this website, so just send us an email and we will arrange payment.

What happens if I go on vacation? We commit to delivering 19 weeks of bread and vegetables to you–what you do with them is up to you. If you’re going away, the best solution is to arrange to have a friend or neighbor pick up your share.  Unfortunately the nature of the CSA means that we cannot refund your money if you miss a pickup.

How do I sign up?  We're so glad you asked! 


We thank you for your support!