COVID-19 Policies

To keep you, our workers, and our family safe, we have implemented the following changes to our routines.

Updated: April 9

At the farm

  • Our staff will wash their hands following CDC protocols when entering a building, before leaving it, before and after breaks, and periodically during tasks
  • We are staggering our shifts so we do not overlap with our workers
  • We are asking them to stay home if they have been in contact with someone who is ill, or feel ill themselves
  • We are sanitizing doorknobs and other high-touch surfaces during and following production days
  • We are washing greens in a sanitizing solution and afterwards handling with clean gloves
  • NEW We wear gloves to pack bread and load the van for market
  • After we return home from market, we are leaving our market supplies in the van for 72 hours before touching them. If we have to handle them before that, we wear disposable gloves
  • NEW We are pre-packaging all of our baked goods in plastic.
At market
  • NEW We are all wearing masks at market
  • We have turned off credit card signatures on our Square reader
  • We have discontinued samples
  • Baked goods are out of reach of customers, and now we are also asking customers not to touch our produce. Please ask for assistance in handling plants and vegetables at market
  • We have added a sanitizing solution and paper towels to our kit that we use to wipe down the counter, tables, our phone, and the square reader
  • We wear gloves at market and switch gloves to avoid cross-contamination