Basil (plant)

Basil (plant)

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A summer kitchen staple, and an indispensable partner for tomatoes. Plant 12" apart and harvest by clipping the central stems at a joint, leaving the Y shaped smaller stems to take over.

Contains one 2" pot.

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Italian large leaf A great producer, the workhorse of our basil patch.

Purple A Genovese type, the taste is similar to regular green basil, but this basil looks great in a salad or to add pop to your herb garden. Purple pesto, anyone?

Lettuce leaf Extra-large, crinkled leaves with a good, strong flavor. Somewhat resistant to basil downy mildew, the disease that now wipes out most basil in late summer.

Mrs. Burns Lemon Try adding a citrus flavor to your favorite basil dishes! Great with chicken, shrimp, or pasta. 

Thai Thai basil is a compact plant with smaller leaves, purple stems and purple flowers. It is anise scented, and spicier than the sweet basils; perfect for cream and coconut sauces.