Tomato (plant)

Tomato (plant)

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There is a reason the home-grown tomato is a foodie cliche; nothing quite matches the aroma of a sun-warmed, vine-ripened fruit. Plant 18-24" apart in full sun; needs support.

Contains one 2" pot.

Local pickup only We cannot ship plants. Thank you for your understanding!


Early girl This is our workhorse red slicer. Reliable, productive, and delicious. Hybrid.

Green zebra This unusual heirloom is small and green with subtle yellow stripes when ripe. And the flavor is unique too, citrusy and bright. A gorgeous addition to any tomato salad.

Cherokee purple An open-pollinated (heirloom) variety that produces large very flavorful purple fruit perfectly sized for sandwiches.

Mortgage lifter is a large, pink, heirloom tomato. Legend has it, the breeder paid off his mortgage with the proceeds from this tomato.

Virginia sweet a large and striking yellow tomato with red stripes. Heirloom.

Red brandywine A large, lobed, and delicious red heirloom.

Lemon boy Trusty producer of medium-sized round fruit. Similar to Early Girl, but yellow and less acidic. Hybrid.