We take pride in Old World craftsmanship, mixing most bread by hand, taking the time to allow slow fermentation, and using wood fire to heat our brick oven.

We rely on members of the Common Grain Alliance (our Mid-Atlantic community of grain producers and millers) for most of our flour, and all of our grain is either certified organic or grown sustainably (and without glyphosate).

*organic or sustainably-grown


Your classic rustic sourdough. Crusty and chewy, with an moderately open crumb. Perfect for sopping up olive oil. 
Ingredients: wheat flour*, stoneground wheat flour*, stoneground spelt flour*, sea salt, sourdough culture*


We drew on Old-World techniques to create this gluten-free sourdough from whole pseudo-grain flours, which are important rotational cover crops that Mid-Atlantic farmers use to sustainably grow wheat; all of our flour comes from this region. This is real bread!
This is *NOT* a certified GF product. We minimize cross-contamination in our bakery, but we use non-certified flours from small farms.

Ingredients: buckwheat flour*, corn flour*, oat flour*, potato starch*, brown rice flour*, sorghum flour*, chia seed*, sunflower seed*, sea salt, yeast, GF sourdough culture*


100% rye with soaked flax and sunflower seeds. A two-day fermentation process generates notes of roasted coffee and dark chocolate from the rye. This bread lives for ferments, cheese, and smoked meat. 
Ingredients: whole rye*, sunflower seeds*, flax seeds*, aged Danish rye bread*, sea salt, rye sourdough culture*


An easy-eating sourdough sandwich bread. Made moist and flavorful with our own blend of organic white and wholegrain flours. 

Ingredients: stoneground wheat flour*, wheat flour*, stoneground rye flour*, sea salt, sourdough culture*


Our signature blend of eleven grains and seeds in an easy-to-eat and flavorful bread. Nutty, moist, and tender.
Ingredients: wheat flour*, stoneground wheat flour*, multigrain flour (oats*, brown rice*, sorghum*, millet*, corn*, buckwheat*), seeds (sunflower*, flax*, pumpkin*, sesame*), sea salt, sourdough culture*


We cover this bread in sesame seeds and add a touch of honey to play up the sweet nuttiness of 100% organic wholegrain spelt flour. Moist and tender.
Note: This bread is made with a commercial yeast pre-ferment, rather than wild yeast.

Ingredients: stoneground spelt flour*, sesame seeds*, honey, sea salt, yeast